Premier League 2018 Round 4 Leicester City Vs Liverpool 18h30, 01-09-2018

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Premier League 2018 Round 4 Leicester City Vs Liverpool 18h30 On 01/09/2018

Leicester City are considered unstable. They are limping both in strength and in form. They are missing Jamie Vardy. The player also suspended a game against Wolverhampton. Surely more or less make the team is not beautiful. This season, they have not really good results. They lost series consecutive matches from round 1 to round 3. The Premier League 2018 looks not favor with them. In round 4, they met a serious competitorLiverpool. A draw or a point for them is a goal for this match. Coach Claude Puel will have to make great efforts.

soi kèo leicester vs liverpool

Leading to King Power, Liverpool continued to lack two players. Chamberlain is treating very severe injuries in late April. Central defender Lovren is also trying to restore health. Last transfer, they have quite strong investment. A number of quality recruits are included in the squad. They are currently in second place on the chart. In this match, they are confidently reinforcing their position.

Asian Rope

leicester vs liverpool

Liverpool have played well from the start of the season to the present. In this match, a predictable victory will take place lightly for Liverpool. The dealer gives the handicap 1 / 1.5 left for the match. Leicester City vsLiverpool take bets on the turn are: 0.88 and -0.95. The odds for the first half are +0.5 left for Leicester City0.87. Liverpool got -0.5 left and -0.97 left. Liverpool are on the door.

European Rooster

leicester vs liverpool

In the Premier League, Leicester City v Liverpool have been hit 24 times. In particular, Liverpool won 12 wins.Leicester’s 7 wins. Two teams have won 5 times. On the European raffle, the captain determined the win for Liverpool. Because they are so classy. Their bet is 1.45. Leicester City got the rake up to 6.90. The confrontation between the two teams do not balance the results are difficult. Bets settled 4.80.

Odds OU

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Leicester City did not get good results in recent matches. In the last 5 matches, they won only 2 wins. But lost the other three matches. Liverpool have been in good form since the start of the season. The Red Brigade won a total of 3 victories over the last 5 games. In the other two matches, they lost 1 and drew 1 . The bookmaker’s odds are 0.87. The odds are -0.97.

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